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We absolutely love when families give us an update on how their pup is doing. Our dogs are scattered all over the country (Canada, too) and so it's rare we ever get to see them again after they leave our home. Whether it's just a photo update, or a glowing testimonial to our program - we are very thankful to those who have stayed in touch.

Below are just some of the testimonials we've received over the years. You can also check out our Facebook Page to read countless comments and posts from our happy families.

rkay dogs2

"As CEO of a well-established dog rescue organization, I deal with a lot of dog breeders and representatives of other dog rescues nationwide.  There has been much negative attention placed on breeders and a lot of criticism.  I have to agree that there are people who do not deserve to be working in an animal industry, who are self-seeking, careless and even cruel. In very stark contrast, it is a great honor to be associated with Tom and his "Prize Poodles and Doodles who represents the absolute finest in dog care and breeding that I have seen in over 25 years.  I assure you Read On...

....that you will not find a finer dog breeder as well as a human that cares deeper about his calling, his vocation, his work ethic, and his animals.  We got our newest personal dogs from him and we are just thrilled. They are working dogs, and as such they are always on display - from coat to temperament. This level of positive image is crucial for us.  We have a pair of half-sisters who are just big bundles of love.  They are just goofballs - and full of love, love, love!  They love us, they love children, other dogs, cats, playgrounds, oceans, and home.  They are big time showstoppers, and if there is any negative at all (LOL) is it that we are stopped everywhere we go so that people can admire them!  And how they love to show off!  They are very easy to train, and very, very smart! And guess what - they do not drool or shed!  That's right!   Mine is is a jumbo Newfypoo and is being trained specifically to be a working dog.  Her sister is a companion dog in her forever family home, following her 10-year-old human everywhere, and has been training for 7 months OFF LEASH! Amazing to watch!  The puppies both stand about 5 feet tall when giving a hug, and are just a couple of fluff balls of pure love. Whether you are looking for a companion dog, or seeking an especially trainable therapy dog, or service dog, Tom is the best breeder, in my book, that I have ever had the honor to deal with!  He takes care and time to find out the best fit for both dog and human, to provide a life-long positive relationship between the two.  We are extremely satisfied with Tom and his "Prize Poodles and Doodles" and highly recommend him to anyone seeking these special and precious dogs.
- RKay (Big Dog Foundation, Inc.)

"Hi Tom and family!!

Sending our well wishes your way!!! Murphy has been growing into such a healthy young man. He is still a cheeky puppy at heart and a lover of all people and other doggie friends. 
I attached some photos!!! We get stopped ALL THE TIME by folks asking where I got him from and what his breed is. ALL THE TIME hahaha he's quite famous here in the city of Angels!!!

I'm forever grateful to you all for being a part of his early journey into the world and getting connected to you.  He has saved my life in more ways than I can count.  I got sober a month before we met you and him and his siblings…. was struggling to stay alive and fight for my well-being. Murphy has gotten me through some of my darkest days and he's there for the BEST DAYS TOO. Read On...


I now work in Mental Health and Addiction Recovery as a Mental Health coach. And Murphy is there with clients to help them feel better as a therapy dog during our sessions. We are also starting our training at children's hospital this spring to be a part of their therapeutic companion program with the kids!!!
We go on so many adventures too. He loves the beach, Lake Tahoe, Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Zion and plane and trains. (Plane is a little scary)  He's also afraid of straws, trash bags and the dreaded vacuum cleaner. 
He loves cuddles, pup cups, the PARK and SQUIRRELS!!!
Thank you SO SO SO MUCH again. Enjoy the photos and take care!!!"

- All our love,

Katie and Murphy Fischer
murphy 1

"Hi Tom and Gage. Not sure if Paulette has been keeping up on the updates but can't tell you how happy we are with Gypsy Moon from Ebony's November 14 litter.  She is a MACK truck of a dog , much stockier then our male and spirited doesn't even begin to describe her playfulness.  Our male seems to tolerate her more then embrace her but they are still often found sleeping side by side in matching positions and Gypsy Moon often climbs into bed with him so she is smitten much more then he is thus far. .  Anyways, my interest in your animals was the noticeable difference in the appearance so much so that your  animals look like a breed of their own rather then. Hybrid and I am not only not disappointed but even more amazed at the clear difference even compared to our boy who is handsome but clearly a mix breed...    Read On...

....Gypsy Moon is beyond a lover with hugs and kisses for everyone as opposed to our male who prefers to receive them give but probably knows we are willing at all times so no need to put out.  Sorry for the long messed but wanted you to know how happy we are and how grateful I am that Paulette got her companion and it's has been perfect in every way.  Everyone loves this dog on sight but you know, they don't know their size for awhile so of course we have to point out that she is very much a big baby and be careful.  Lol. Thank you so much. I'm sure you will be seeing us again but hopefully not too soon as we want Gypsy Moons big brother to be around for a long time. Gif bless. Mike  ( note:  50 lbs now , might be a big girl) 

- Michael Redlew

"We love Floyd, he's the best! He puts up with a lot from the kids and never stops wanting to play and be with them. He's such a lover!!"

- Elizabeth Irvine

floyd the newfypoo
Samson the newfypoo

"Certified therapy dog - Samson from the November Newfypoo 2016 litter. Best dog ever! He brings joy and love wherever he goes."

-Varena Sparling

"On February 6, 2016, my husband and I brought our best friend, Melvin (F1b born 12/2/15), home from Prize Poodles and Doodles. Melvin wasn't our first dog, but he was our first Goldendoodle.

Growing up, I've always been highly allergic to most animals. We had a mutt poodle mix when I was a kid that I did fine with. My husband and I... Read On...

rescued a bichon/poodle mix in 2015 and again, no allergies. It was quickly discovered that if the dog was 50% or more poodle, my allergies were nonexistent. Therefore bringing me to the Goldendoodle breed. My dream dog.

After a LOT of research, somehow I found Prize Poodles and Doodles. Within a few weeks of first contacting y'all we brought Melvin home.

I just want to say THANK YOU for breeding responsibly. Thank you for the care you provided to our baby before he was ours. Thank you for your love of this breed and for giving us the opportunity to make our Goldendoodle dream a reality.

The past 2 years with our boy have been indescribable. Melvin has stolen our hearts. We love him so much and in return, the love he has for us is undeniable.

I can't take this dog anywhere without people stopping me. I've referred y'all to so many people and will continue to do so. Thanks again! 

- Allison Nutt


ranger newfypoo

"Hey, Gage! I just wanted to give you an update on Ranger. First off, I feel like I hit the jackpot with this boy - he is as close to perfect as you can get!! Ranger spent last week with our trainer and has now mastered 'sit/stay' and 'down/stay'. We are working on 'settle' (when I step on the leash he lays down and chills), and 'leave it'. Ranger has also Read On...

....been to the groomer and was a champ. He loves puppy day care where I've been told he has 5min wild puppy periods between hour long naps. He is a snuggle bug. And Ranger loves when our outside cat goes on walks with us - to the point that Ranger insists on waiting for him to catch up if Gunny wonders off. I am just over the moon in love!"

- Daphne Stellato

"I couldn't be more happy with Gage and Prize Poodles and Doodles!! Over a year ago I sent a message asking about certain breeds they had and what I was looking for. We got so in-depth during the conversation, we discussed temperament and the lifestyle my family and I live. Due to starting a new role I decided to hold off on placing a deposit on a future litter. Fast Forward a year later I reached back out to Gage and he still remembered our conversation! I put a deposit down Read On...

on an upcoming litter and I asked if it was possible to pay leading up to the pick up date! They worked with me without hesitation! When the litter arrived I got an email with pictures and a video! I saw our little new future family member and we messaged Gage and boom we got him. The most important thing that happened was the fact Gage said "awesome, I'll see about his temperament to make sure he will be exactly what you and your family are looking for". That to me showed that not only do they care about the future owners happiness but also want to make sure their puppies go to the right family! He completely hit the bullseye when saying the pup we chose was the right one!! I happened to be a few hours away when Luka was about 4 weeks old and I asked if it was ok to come and visit. They didn't hesitate for a second and said come on over!! Luka is an amazing, incredibly smart little guy (that's growing into a big one!) Our Vet has completely fallen in love with him and kept mentioning how beautiful he is and how incredibly healthy Luka is in every aspect! She is also amazed at how calm and relaxed he was during all the poking and probing!! Luka is exactly what we needed and if it weren't for Gage with Prize Poodles and Doodles we likely wouldn't be as happy as we are now especially with all the chaos in the world right now! Luka has gotten us closer as a family and I couldn't be more grateful! People quickly forget about social distance as soon as they see Luka and just want to ask about him, pet him, etc... it's sad that in those situations we have to keep our distance for safety but the comments we get has to be making Luka feel like a Star!"
 -Willie Scott

Willow in jeep
"This is Willow.  We adopted her from you a year ago in February    She was born Oct 30 2018  the top picture is when we got her. The other pictures are more recent. We train her for service at Doggydoright in Ft Branch Indiana.  
As you can see lawn mowers and vacuums don't bother her.
She's been a huge blessing.  I have a rare neurological disease called Progressive Supranuclear Palsy.   And in the mild to moderate stages of dementia.   I'm glad we found our little Newfypoo on your website. " 
- Dennis and Kim Everett
Vincennes IN

"Hey all, just wanted to brag on my Minnie. She's a newfypoo from Diamond + Phoenix's litter from Nov 2014. She is now a certified Therapy Dog! We are volunteering at an elementary school - the kids look forward to her weekly visits, they line up to read to her!"

Caren Adams

a young boy with newfypoo named Minnie

"WOW! We absolutely love PPD & our Rosie girl!!! We began working with Tom back in October 2015, discussing when we were wanting a puppy, and decided to put a deposit down at Christmas time. Tom was extremely educating and kept us in the know regarding our puppy! We emailed and spoke on the phone whenever a question came up, even if it was me just checking in on the upcoming litter! We were originally going to get a newfypoo puppy, but on memorial day weekend, we...Read On...

saw our Rosie girl posted to their facebook page...she was a black and brown goldendoodle that just stole our hearts immediately. We contacted Tom and asked if we could switch our deposit to her...and we were set up to pick her up that weekend! We drove from Michigan to Kentucky to get "Big Country" as we refer to her!

We we arrived to the grooming studio, Rosie came out fresh and fluffy and totally adorable. The family owned studio felt like I was walking into my own family's welcoming and provided food, a clicker trainer, and spoke of their experience with Rosie...they knew her personality and loved her just as we did!

We had a follow up call with Tom afterwards, just to be sure everything went smooth and I could just tell how much this little girl was loved!

This girl has changed our lives, and everyone we meet adores her.

My mom plans to get her next dog from PPD, and we will stay loyal to them as well. These dogs are totally adorable and worth any drive you need to make.

Check out the photos of Rosie in the pictures!

Thanks again made our family complete!!!

 -Lauren M.

"He's an amazing dog and we get soooooo many compliments when we take him out. We have shown your website to probably about 50 different people here in Cali. People can't believe he's a puppy because he's so calm"

-Julia Cappelli

Sully (F1B)
georgia the newfypoo

"Georgia has had a great first day! My son said he didn't need any more Christmas presents since he got you can see they are already pretty big buds! I think she would like a little more attention from our labradoodle though?. She's an awesome girl!"

- Kaley Conner

"My boyfriend picked up our amazing dog in May this year. He drove four hours one way to get him because we heard such wonderful things about them. I've always wanted a Newfoundland and a newfypoo offered an option that didn't shed as much. The adoption process was smooth and when he picked Bruce up he was able to check out the breeding facilities and meet the parents, both of which were clean, up kept, and had very nice living conditions for both puppies and parents...Read On...

Bruce is now 9 months old, and I couldn't imagine life without him. I don't regret a single cent we paid for him. He's so intelligent and learns easy. He's happy, loves everyone, and was very well socialized even before we brought him home.

The groomer loves his fur, she says it's easy to work with and that he's one of her favorite clients. He doesn't smell like many other dogs breeds, and the fact he doesnt drool is a huge plus too. He's healthy, and growing fast, but we love it! We highly recommend this breeder, and we will probably look to them again in the near future so Bruce can have a brother"

-Cati McGee

letter from ethan
Ethan and Ziggy the Newfypoo

- Letter from Ethan

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