Preparing For Your New Puppy

We understand that this is a big decision for you and your family so we do our best to make sure you are fully prepared for his/her arrival!

On this page we have some product recommendations as well as a form to fill out and the link to actually secure your puppy at the bottom. We've been in the pet industry almost 20 years, we know what works for our dogs and what doesn't. If you ever have any questions on what your doodle needs please do not hesitate to ask.



Watch what they eat. To promote growth and health of your doodle they need the proper nutrition. That is why our puppies and all of our dogs eat TLC. TLC is a fresh made premium pet food and according to unbiased site Dog Food Advisor, it is one of top holistic brands.

We also recommend keeping your puppy on this food. If you do, we will increase our health guarantee an additional year for feeding your puppy the best. Their "autoship" option is highly recommended, they'll calculate how much your puppy should be eating and then send that out every month. You can adjust the amount as your puppy grows or if their eating habits change.

Immune Boosting Supplement. Puppies have a very weak immune system, that's why we put ours on an immune booster as soon as possible. It is especially important once the protection of the mothers milk starts to fade (about 4-5 weeks). We highly recommend keeping them on Nuvet to ensure a healthy upbringing and to not disrupt growth. We give them the powder form as young pups but recommend transitioning them to the wafers once you take them home.

There are a few products to choose from when deciding on a supplement for your new puppy. Read about NuVet and why we believe it is the best.



It's no secret that training a puppy can be difficult so let's try to make this as painless as possible. The good news is that the dogs we breed tend to be pretty easy to deal with as puppies compared to most breeds. That being said, you will have some work to do with your future pup and crate training is by far the best way to begin.

Create a den. The crate will act as their "den" and you will want to make it as nice as possible for them. This does not mean give him/her a ton of room inside the crate. You will actually need to give them just enough space to lay down comfortably. So when deciding on which crate to buy keep that in mind. In order to save you money we recommend purchasing a large or XL crate with a divider. This way you can adjust the size of the crate as your puppy grows without purchasing several crates over their lifetime.

Make it worth it. For best results use high value, protein rich treats for training such as beef, chicken, or turkey jerky.

Optional: Clicker Tool and Doggy Doorbell

You can train your puppy to use a bell as a way to alert you when they need to be let out. It's pretty convenient but you should be a couple weeks into basic potty training before introducing the bell.

The clicker tool is a useful way to let your dog know they did something right. The clicker basically replaces the need for a "Good girl" or "Good boy" and you are able to expedite the training process in a way. For help with clicker training feel free to reach out to us!

Let us help. If the training process seems stressful to you; you may want to consider enrolling your puppy into our 3 week training program. It begins after you select your puppy at 6 weeks and we aim to have them completely crate trained, leash trained and we also work on basic behavioral commands. You'll get video updates via text of their progress.


Grooming and Coat Maintenance 

You should take your doodle to a professional groomer every 6-8 weeks. You can space the visits out, save some money and keep your dogs' coat long by doing some of the maintenance yourself.

Soap meant for dogs. If you decide to bath your puppy yourself don't just grab the 3 in 1 bottle of soap out of the shower. You will need to buy a bottle of shampoo AND conditioner made specifically for dogs. We've been using Tropiclean for years with no issues.

Start brushing/combing early. Your groomer will thank you for implementing this at a young age. Brushing out your dog is fine, but what you really need to do is get a long-tooth metal comb that gets down to their skin. A slicker brush will just get the top layer of the coat and matting may still occur unless you use the comb.


Miscellaneous Supplies 

Food and water bowls - Non-tip stainless steel ones work great and provide easy cleanup.

Leash and Collar - This comes down to your personal preference. By the time your puppy goes home they will fit in a 6-10 inch collar. Similar to the crate, your puppy will grow so fast you can save some money by purchasing a nylon/rope lead rather than different size collars.

Toys - You'll learn what type of toys your puppy likes once you get to know them better. Generally our dogs are gentle players and prefer plush toys to carry around the house. During the teething process they'll need something harder though, Kong toys work great.

Bed - Treat your beloved pup to the comfort they deserve with our luxurious dog bed. Crafted with love and designed for ultimate relaxation, our recommended Toby and Ace dog bed is a must-have for every pet owner. Order online here and use our promo code "PRIZEPND" for 15% off!


Our Homemade Dog Bones and Treats

Dog bones can be a great way to keep your pet busy. The bones we make do not splinter and also keep their teeth sparkling clean. Our plaque removing bones are especially good at that - your dog will spend hours trying to dig at the meat between the grooves while chipping away at plaque on their teeth! You can order some by visiting

Puppy Application and Deposit

Future Puppy Parent Form

  • (This needs to be assigned to you, contact us by phone or email if unsure)
  • You may leave this blank if you haven't decided on a name yet
  • Final Payment Agreement

    Final payment is due at puppy pickup or delivery. There is a 3% convenience fee for credit card payments (there is no fee on the deposit). You can pay by cash or check to avoid the fee, if paying by check it must be mailed 2 weeks prior to pickup. Kentucky residents are subject to a 6% sales tax

Place your deposit

$300 Deposit needed in order to secure a puppy. By placing this deposit you understand the terms and conditions*

*Your deposit is transferrable to any of our litters/breeds for any reason. Deposits are not refundable for any reason. The only way a deposit can be completely refunded is if at time of selection you 1. do not have a puppy to choose from at all or 2. do not have the option of your preferred gender indicated in your Puppy Prep form. If we present you with a puppy that matches your gender preference and you decide to pass then your only option is to move to a future litter or forfeit the deposit completely.