Irishdoodle Puppies

If interested in adopting one of our Irishdoodle puppies or to learn about future litters please contact us


I bet you are very excited! When your litter is born you will receive an email with photo and gender breakdown. We will start the picking process once the puppies turn 6 weeks. In the mean time, make sure you filled out the Puppy Prep form and start gathering the puppy necessities listed on that page.


The Irishdoodle


The Irishdoodle is not a well known hybrid, but is one we are very excited to have in our program. We breed F1 Irishdoodles, which are a cross between an Irish Setter and Standard Poodle. We also breed F1B Irishdoodles, the cross between an F1 Irishdoodle and a Standard poodle (for a more curly, hypoallergenic coat). All of our puppies are bred to be non-shedding, but by adding more poodle it ensures the puppy will grow to be completely hypoallergenic. The coat of the Irishdoodle is truly unique. They come in deep-red, apricot, brown and even black!

Both the Irish Setter and Standard Poodle were bred for hunting which makes them great for agility competitions and tracking. Irishdoodles do require a medium amount of exercise but will lounge around the house when not playing outside. We expect our F1 Irishdoodles to be between 40-60lbs and our F1b Irishdoodles to be closer to 40lbs

Take a look around our site, ask us questions, and the decide if the Irishdoodle is a fit for you!

Photos of some puppies and adult dogs from previous Irishdoodle litters